Do you have that sometimes when you find an old diary and read something you totally forgot about and yet what you wrote tells you that in a way you understood more of life and what goes on in it than you do now? ‘Forgotten Wisdom” so to speak. Things you used to abide by but have now totally sunk into oblivion..?

When you live among the trees day by day, it is hard to see them change and all the more easy to get distracted by animals passing by, rainstorms threatening your comfort zone or greedy societies chopping down your existance. What I mean to say by this metaphor, is that we sometimes loose track of what we started off wanting to do with our lives because we get distracted by  so many outside world things happening to it.

In a way that is a good thing. We happen to live in the outside world. Our main task on earth is to make the best of it; and to make the best of our own lives we need to make the best of what happens in our outside world as well, otherwise the two don’t match.

The problem with most of today’s outside world however is that it is so greedy. It wants to earn and preserve loads of money rather than share and live long and prosper.

I had all these contemplations pop up in my brain this morning because of a Facebook post I made 4 year ago according to  the reminder. It’s titled:

King of Tools

3 Changes to Get an Energy Boost

In it I talk about:

  • Expectations: Being a dentist doesn’t mean you can’t have a toothache.
  • Negotiations: Stop defending WHY you need to do this NOW
  • Observation: Who Are You Doing This For?

I was sort of flabbergasted, reading my own 4-year-old advice.

  • I still have expectations for myself, feeling I should be capable to handle stress in an efficient manner, having memorized the numerous techniques to do so. No slack there. :( So basically I still feel the dentist can hardly have a toothache).
  • Negotiations: I still defend why some things really can’t wait; while when I think about it, a lot of them are self-inflicted-deadlines
  • Observations: I still do a lot of  what I do to serve and please the outside world first, rather than my own life. 

Quite  an eye opener for someone who is ‘into’ personal development on a daily basis. A good reminder in this festive season as well; so easily crowded by expectation and negotiations and where a little extra Observation wouldn’t hurt.

On that note I wish you a great week and look forward to finding you back hear next week at the one before last Dutchbuzz blog edition of 2017.


Ingrid Schippers 28-11-2017

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