Stretching after waking up is a natural mechanism of the body to open the energy pathways. (…if we allow it to do so.)
How do you start your day?

In the ‘Bodylanguage of Energy’ sessions, we share rituals from different energy arts.

Here are three examples *:

1. Yoga

The Sun Salutation or its adapted form: the Egyptian Sun Salutation, where the emphasis lies on the 6 primary movements of Yoga.

  1. Backward bend
  2. Forward bend
  3. Spinal twist to the right
  4. Spinal twist to the left
  5. Stretching sideways to the right
  6. Stretching sideways to the left

2. Energy Medicine

From the groundbreaking book by Donna Eden and David Feinstein, ‘Energy Medicine’: The Daily Energy Routine *

  1. The Three Thumps
  2. The Cross Crawl
  3. The Wayne Cook Posture
  4. The Crown Pull
  5. The Lymhatic Massage
  6. The Zip-up
  7. The Hook-up

* All these techniques can be found in the book ‘Energy Medicine’ by Donna Eden en David Feinstein.
ISBN: 9781585326508

See also Donna Eden’s website:

3. Qi Gong

An Qi Gong exercise consisting of a sequence of 6 body movements combined with your breath:

  1. Moving Energy forward to the path of the future
  2. Moving Energy backward to unresolved issues from the past
  3. Moving Energy around to the direct surroundings
  4. Moving Energy upwards towards the heavens
  5. Moving Energy down, towards earth
  6. And finally gathering Energy from all these sources and giving it to the heart