1. Take the time to do your stretches when you wake up and give your body a bit of a shake.
  2. Treat others like I would want to be treated.
  3. Do not regret what you did back then, what you thought was the thing to do. Instead forgive yourself and start anew.
  4. Be patient and remember we are all each other’s students.
  5. State your boundaries, nothing is more draining than having to live up to false expectations.
  6. Take your time to ‘check up’ on yourself a few times a day by watching your breath.
  7. Mind your language and listen to your choice of words. They render great insight at times..
  8. Do not buy more than you need, especially when its on offer and you normally would not buy it either.
  9. Be a conscious consumer and keep in mind how products are made. A happy cow tastes better than one that has never seen the sun and produce grown with special care holds more nourishing qualities than when it is mass-produced to earn as much money as quickly as possible.
  10. Realize every thought, every feeling and every action generates energy that determines the outcome.