Audio recording  ‘Who else could have done it?” as broadcasted in the radioprogram for internationals ‘Dutchbuzz’ of May 28  9 pm on Den Haag FM.

Suddenly I see… a 3 minute listen


There are those moments in life where suddenly, while I’m right in the middle of doing something daily-life-like; in between the hustle and bustle of  all the things I feel I need to do and need to get; that the world directly around me seems to fade out and goes into slow-motion just like in the movies. I’m standing in a bubble looking out and see, with harsh clarity, something I had not noticed or realized before.

It happened to me last week as I stood in line at the cash register of a discount drugstore; where loads of things are for sale for less or 3 for the price of 2 or get-one-get-one-free. Everything was beckoning me to buy. It was screaming in my face I had to do it NOW; for it would be for my own good and in my own interest. The products without exception promised me I would profit if I bought them.

At the same time I also noticed how all the products within my range of vision were packed in plastic bottles, tubes or other form of environment unfriendly pollutants.  Without warning my minds eye started to picture the mountain of tossed-away packaging of only this shop alone. Then my mind expanded on the fact that this shop I was standing in, was only one of hundreds of other shops operating under the same franchise; and that in turn this franchise was only one of the hundreds of other franchises selling the same sort of products; of which all the useless packaging would all end up on our societies’ big piles of waste.

I also realized a roughly estimated 90 % of all the products within my eye’s reach were products I do not necessarily need . Perfumes; body glitter, make up,  plastic purple heart- shaped sunglasses, sugared drinks with colorings in them; candy in all sorts and sizes next to weight loss powders; scented candles in green plastic frogs with an open back; plastic flip-flops with plastic daisy ornaments;  all gathered within reach around  a 3 meter radius of the cash registerXIV. Temperance

I had to think of the short time span these products will have; consumed, tossed out or forgotten within days if not hours. How did we let it come this
far? How did we grow to be people who soil their precious habitat and keep on polluting it with the proficiency of ants working their colony, except that ants don’t pollute or ruin the environment their next generations have to live in. And at least ants only use what they need and give back by being scavengers rather than consumers and serve as a nutritious part of the food chain; while most humans have Monsanto to poison them.

Is it just me? Or is it something to notice next time  you stand in line at the discount drug store; and  then maybe just buy what you need and what is good for you?

The card that goes with this is without a doubt Temperance; the card that closes the line reflecting the journey of the soul. Our Souls are not dependent on the matter we buy and consume to identify ourselves with. The Angel on the Temperance card only uses wat It needs and gives back just as much; in perfect balance with the powers that be. It doesn’t abuse and doesn’t sell Itself for no good reason.

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Wishing you insight and contentment with what comes your way,