Audio recording of the abridged version of  3 Tools for Self Care, as broadcasted in the radioprogram for internationals ‘Dutchbuzz’  of June 4th 2019 on Den Haag FM, 9.00 pm

3 tools for self care – a 3 minute listen.


How often are you aware of the fact that it is easier to observe others than to have a closer look at yourself?

Knowing that each and every unique individual is here on earth to explore its own path, you would think humans should be more inclined to mind their own business rather than observe others; but fact is we spend more time evaluating what other people do; than that we do taking a good look at ourselves.

3 practical ways to observe oneself more closely, and subsequently improve the success rate of things happening in our own lives, is to simply observe the way you breath, walk and talk. Most of the time we perform these daily mechanisms automatically; with our bodies rhythms adjusting themselves to the urgency of what we think or feel we need to do. It can be a real a thrill however to take these habitual patterns a step further and explore the treasure chest of information they hold.

Rather than pursuing the big things; like the ideal of perfect happiness or following the latest trends, it can be surprisingly accommodating and most of all comforting to take time out every now and then to simply observe your own habits and rhythms.  Becoming aware of them, supplies loads of useful information on how you are doing .

Whenever I catch myself breathing a bit higher up in the chest for instance;  I become aware I must be more tense or hurried than I realized. By consciously relaxing my abdomen, I invite my breath down, at the same time create space for my chi point, my energy source; making my breathing  more effective, generating more energy as a result.

Especially when I have been over-active or under pressure for a while for whatever reason; I forget to step out of go-getters mode once it is all over. The other day I caught myself walking rather quick and uptight. I’d had a busy week with loads of appointments close together; but that particular day my agenda was blissfully blank. All I had done was take my car to the garage in the morning. As it was a nice sunny day I had decided to walk back. While walking I happened to notice my shoulders were much higher up than they needed to be. I purposely brought my awareness to the soles of my feet and experienced I was walking hastily. By consciously relaxing my pace I began to feel more connected to the earth. As a result I relaxed into an easier going rhythm with my shoulders lowering themselves automatically ‘without further ado’ as Shakespeare would say.4 of Challenges

Another tool I find helpful in observing my own behavior is to listen to myself talk. When I catch myself talking louder, faster or using more words than necessary; this might indicate I am feeling apologetic, or still need to convince myself of what I am talking about.

All in all what I’m trying to say is that  ‘looking after yourself’ might well be taken literally.  We can be so caught in the rhythm of jumping out of bed in the mornings and get going that we forget to give ourselves the gift of taking our own time; being nice and gentler to ourselves and therewith much more productive.

The card that goes with this is the 4 of challenges.

Challenges because they have everything to do with the development of the I-consciousness

The number 4 because even though 4 is a balanced number; it’s strictness can keep us in certain patterns that in turn keep us from taking better care of ourselves. “There is more to explore after the 4.” The 5,6,7,8,9 and 10 are waiting to be explored.

Patterns and habits  can be changed. All one needs to do is take the first step; becoming aware and have the rest follow its own course. Your body has more brains than you might think and is there to support you; it means well.   Simply take a moment to observe.

The Chemistry of Change can do amazing things to your daily life.

Wishing you lots of self-observant quality time,

Ingrid Schippers