Fortune telling may well be as old as humanity; yet as with everything else in life, it is the interpretation of it that makes all Queen of Challengesthe difference.

Ranging from the reading of hand-lines, to interpreting the innards of animals, tealeaves, runes stones and whatever kind of cards; the secret lies in how you read them rather than what they have to foretell.

I do in fact believe that ‘reading’ the future through all the before mentioned means its possible. What I do not believe; is that it are the animals intestines, symbols on the runes stones or the cards, that do the actual predicting. Instead I believe all these methods to be merely different ways leading to Rome, with the real reading taking place on a completely different level.

It is my personal belief that each and everyone of us, has the capacity to descend into the inner layers of consciousness and tap into the personal inner knowing we know ‘deep down inside’ exists.
I also believe this is a very personal thing; and no one can interpret the inner knowing better than it’s rightful owner, the individual life each of us lives in, as it is there we find, – as well as know the ins and outs of, – all personal Challenges, Insights, Gifts and Tools assembled.

I do pay heed to the warning not to trust all fortunetellers, at times including myself for wishful thinking. Predicting the future for someone else; or even describing the path of someone else demands great integrity and with the service provided for money one needs to be choosy.

XVII. The StarHaving said that it are also the foresight seekers that are to take responsibility over their own lives. To go to someone else and  ask what can be expected from life can be a dangerous kind of laziness; as well described in the now following true story I once read in a little booklet titled:

“Curious court cases of the 18th century”.

One day, somewhere at the beginning of the 18th century. a young man went to a fortune teller. The fortuneteller predicted the young man would lead a rich life but would die at the age of 36.

The young man, taking the fortuneteller”s interpretation for real and thinking he might as well enjoy life as much as possible since he was going to die young; started a life of leisure, women and gambling; not minding his losses of debts, since he knew they would become uncollectable in any case.

But then he turned 36 and was still alive. By now money lenders and creditors were following him around and about halfway his 36th year there was no preventing it any longer; the young man ended up in prison, having to stand trial for his debts; with debtors prison waiting around the corner.

Only it never came that far. For the young man, destitute and not having build up a career or what one would call “a future”; hung himself in prison and died at young age of… 36; all because of believing a fortuneteller.

The wise lesson to be drawn from this is that it is more important to know the path, than to know the future.

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