While we live in the 21st century, the human body is in fact still designed to survive conditions of over 5000 years ago. The fight, flight or freeze response for instance, the body’s defense mechanism to immediate danger. It was designed to protect your self and ignite the right decision when you met a sabertooth tiger on the road.

The problem however is that it is not about the occasional saber teeth any more.  The stress triggers in the present day and age, have been replaced by totally different phenomenon. Careers, mortgages; creditcard debts; addictions, children drafted in warzones; refugees being denied a safe haven; the president of the united states threatening to kick you out from everything you’ve lived and worked for.

In their pioneering book  ‘Energy Medicine’, Donna Eden and David Feinstein, devote a lot of their writings on how this reflects in the modern day human body. A certain meridian, known as ‘Triple Warmer’, goes on the alert when danger is on the prowl.

When danger is constantly on the prowl, when the basic needs in life are contineously under attack; Triple Warmer is constantly on the alert. While in the hunter and gatherer days danger would appear only once in a while;
the burden of mortgage, careers and the need to make money, the danger of being expelled for no other reason than your former nationality; breaking news on terrorism all over the world, are now constant stress factors 24 hours a day; something to have nightmares about during sleep and to wake up to every morning.

At least in the hunter and gatherer days we could take on one calamity at the time. Nowadays, we live in an overstressed society 24 hours a day.

This poses a problem, considering the human body  has only so much fossil fuel to spend in case of emergency. There is a King of Challengeswhole lot of difference between the occasional threat from wild animals or other natural causes and the constant, – mostly financial/economic- pressure of modern day society

When ‘triple warmer’ , the stress meridian is on constant overdrive; it constantly draws energy away from the other meridians, other energy pathways that serve other body functions, such as that of the lungs, stomach, kidneys,bowels, who, depleted as they are from energy, begin to grow weak.

Now the good news is that the human body has self help ways to regulate this by doing energy exercises that promote the energy flow through all organs. The main lesson to be learned from this is to live life in favor of  yourself first; embrace yourself first rather than focussing on the economic demands from the outside world; supporting your own needs without damaging your environment; so you can be valuable and participate in what really matters in the outside world later on.

Ingrid Schippers, October 2017

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