Some phenomena are so common we don’t think twice about their origins. Wind for instance. The fact that air travels from one area to another is such a normal occurrence it is hardly noticed unless it becomes a storm.

In the scheme of balancing the energies however, wind is nature’s way to bring a surplus of energy from one place to where there is a shortage of energy in another.

This is how energy, any energy, always works. It travels from plus to minus. Just as electricity runs from plus to minus, gravity works from high to low; and communicating vessels always make sure their levels of content will be the same, with the vessel with the surplus always donating to the vessel that has less.

In the natural world basically all forms of energy manage themselves that way; always trying to attain balance in each and every situation; in that process, ironically enough, causing its own turmoil in some cases.

Now while all of the above might be known, even when we are not aware of it all the time; it might be news that all energy systems within the human body work exactly the same. Similar to nature’s balancing acts; the human body’s first response to a disruption of balance, such as stress or , is to try and maintain balance. When extra power is demanded by one organ , the extra energy to do this, is literally distracted from other energy systems of the body.

As a result, when more energy is being used up in one part of the body; this reflects in another, with the potential to make 7 of Challengesyou feel physically and/or mentally tired. Using up too much energy chronically; ignoring the signals of the body, can lead to being less productive or worse.While the mind may be conditioned to think there is no time to rest or ‘give in’ to the bodies signals; the body needs to work with the energy it has available and will play its cards by dividing what it has to offer as evenly as possible, thus at times creating turmoil in the body.

Now my next paragraph of this blog could be about the techniques and methods you could use to prevent your body from chronically using up too much energy, but really… the answer to that is entirely up to the rightful owner of the body in question.

Everyone knows his, her or gender neutral solution to chronic energy issues. It’s when we tell ourselves we ‘can’t help ourselves’ the inner energy storm goes ‘South’, so to speak.

So my message this week is to observe your boundaries and to remember it’s all about the balance of give and take, dividing the energies evenly, as they are inclined to do in the natural world. Should you want to be reminded again, you read this blog, titled ‘Energy travels where it is needed’ on

Wishing you a balanced week ahead,

Ingrid Schippers, for Dutchbuzz 17-10-2017.


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