With the sun shining bright as it did and the sky ice-blue as it was; I went to  The Hague’s Scheveningen beach this weekend in spite of the freezing cold February weather. I went there to do what is called the  Daily Energy Routine, a series of simple exercises designed by Energy Medicine author and pioneer Donna Eden together with her husband David Feinstein.

This series of exercise only takes 5 minutes out of my day. They set the flow of the energy in my body in motion and open up the energy pathways.

This way they help and prepare me to meet my daily challenges and more importantly secure my energy supply so I don’t flip out of it and start feeling drained when certain events or energy vampires bump into me during the day.

The coastline is a particularly fantastic place to the 5 minute daily routine as the surf itself is a place that contains special energies. The spot where  seawater meets land and  waves break on the sand contains a lot of  specially energized atmosphere, filled with what is called ions.

Ions are basically electrons, the stardust everything on earth in some form or another is made of. Under certain circumstances however, like the surf of a beach; the foot of a waterfall or centre of a thunderstorm, more of these specific ions are being produced; causing enhanced power to flow into the atmosphere.

The human body reacts very positive to this extra influx of energy  and responds by producing more serotonin; the human feel good hormone. So when exercising near the coastline; not only does the daily energy routine supply energy for the day; it also adds the bonus of  extra increasing my happiness levels.

Knowing this; you would think I go to the beach every day and do these wonderful exercises in order to get, -Dutch as I am- my free supply of resilience, but ‘Alas dear Yorick’, I have to shamefully admit, that even though I live only a short bike ride away from Scheveningen beach. I have to really bring myself to do this.IMG_2005

Nothing seems more difficult in that sense than overcoming my own shadow. I know exactly what is good for me; yet the more angry with the world I feel  or the more under the weather I am; the more difficult I find it to set myself in motion and put in the effort of energizing myself.

Rather than judging that however, I decided to praise myself this weekend for dragging me and my shadow down the arctic Dutch climate. Once there I found the sun had come out to greet me. I came back energized and filled with good stardust :)

Ingrid Schippers, 20-02-2018


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