A very synchronistic gift came my way last week . One of those ‘coincidences’ that happen for a reason.  It was September 17th. I had appropriately written my Dutchbuzz blog for the 18th of September, about  ‘Prinsjesdag‘, the traditional every third Tuesday of September public address of the Dutch government announcing its plans for the coming year. It turned out a politically critical blog about how unfair things are divided in the world; even in The Netherlands, with materially blind politicians placing their own welfare and that of Lord Economy over the welfare of the greater good, always hitting especially the poor and vulnerable.

It makes me angry to see such things happening and even though it takes away my power to invest energy into writing about negative subjects, I also feel an obligation to put the subject out there, when I have a voice to do so. It can be a rough ride to be vulnerable and susceptible to injustice and feel the need to climb the barricades, while at the same time having to work through the feelings of frustration, anger and helplessness that come with it

For comfort, my mind went looking an example I could lean on, a high-sensitive evolved role model and how this person copes with living in a world that seems so alien in many ways.XIV. Temperance

The name that popped up in my head was that of Hildegard von Bingen, the 12th century nun who to the eye of the public, lead the most perfect lifetime. She wrote beautiful music still played today; was a philosopher, skilled herbalist and a great writer. Most famous she is for the visions she had regarding faith and understanding of what it involves to be human.

Her biographies however invariably state how she suffered, emotionally and physically much of her life as a result of her visions and emotional intelligence,  with little support from the church that should have encouraged her efforts to make the world a better place.

I found comfort in reading how someone like Hildegard von Bingen survived the sufferings she endured and still accomplished big feats that transported her fame all the way into the 21st century, more than 800 years after she was born.

For accuracy’s sake, I decided to check her date of birth and this is where my mouth dropped. For as it says at the beginning of this blog; it was September 17th all these thoughts were tumbling in my brain and the name of Hildegard von Bingen had come to me seemingly ‘out of nowhere’.
So imagine my astonishment when I discovered she was actually  born, 839 years before on the 17th of September;  one of those synchronistic happenings that give me goose bumps.

The card that goes with a person like Hildegard von Bingen is card number XIV, ‘Temperance’, the last card of the row of 7 cards telling the story of the Journey of the Soul on earth.

Temperance is a typical Journey of the Soul card in the sense that it tells you about how to wisely use your resources, using your gifts and efforts from within rather then spilling them into the outside world in an effort to try and meet expectations,  maintaining the balance in the connection between your own destiny and that of the world.

VIIII. The HermitX. Wheel Of FortuneXI. The ForceThis might mean you will sometimes have to step back into card number VIIII (The Hermit/Meditation), going within;

or go back to card number X (Wheel of Fortune/Freedom of Choice) taking responsibility over your own action as opposed to relying on ‘Fate'; recognizing it is up to you to make your own choices in life, free of the judgment of others.
XI: This will place you in your own power (card number XI The Force) simultaneously meeting the challenge by bringing trials and tribulations to flex your spiritual muscles on (card number XII: The Hanged Man or The Emotional Bungee Jump) which will eventually lead to Transformation (card number XIII) leaving behind the material Journey, truly embarking on the Journey of Soul, which ultimately leads to Temperance. (card number XIV); depicting the Knowing and Understanding of the Soul how to balance Resources without spilling them into the outside world or having the outside world take them over.

XII. The Hanged Man

XIII. Death












One more time…The order of the 7 cards of the Journey of the Soul on Earth, cards  VIII – XIV,  

VIII. JusticeThe Gatekeeper/ First Card of the Seven Cards of the Journey of the Soul,  card number VIII ‘Justice’ starts the Journey by finding ones own Truthfulness, being True to oneself as well as True to the services rendered to the world.

Card number VIIII The Hermit (Meditation) The second steppin’ stone on the path of the Journey of the Soul on Earth; finding one’s peace, truth and justice within ones own parameters.

Card number X The wheel of Fortune, the third step, refers to taking the responsibility for ones own life as well as using the freedom of choice. Everyone has it! It’s what you think, feel and want, rather than what the outside world directs or demands. It’s the Journey of your Soul.

Card number XI: The Force. May it with you. Once you’ve found the truth through meditation and freedom of choice; when you’ve taken responsibility over your own life, it will be!

Card number XII: Conciously choosing the Journey of the Soul will inevitably bring challenges. With ‘The Force’, ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Meditation’ behind you however, you will spiritually grow from your trials and tribulations.

Card number XIII: Transformation; understanding of the workings of life; awareness/entering the Spiritual connection.

Card number XIV: Temperance: The ability to thrive on what you have; the knowledge you are where you need to be right now.


Ingrid Schippers



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