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is that we all have our own Challenges, Insights, Gifts and Tools.

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Dear Readers,
‘Highly Recommended’ is a blog on people I know well and can highly recommend within their own field of profession.
Today, I introduce Miron Ashkenazy, whom I met about 15+  years ago, when he became the chess teacher of my sons, and rapidly befriended the other members of our family as well.

Miron had a dream and followed it by moving to Los Angeles.
These days his star as a producer, director, screenwriter is steadily rising.
Occasionally he comes back to the Netherlands to deliver Hollywood Masterclasses , as is the case this coming:

Sunday 31st of January, starting 10.a.m.
Location: Statenkwartier, The Hague.
Subject: Acting

You can connect with Miron at:


Spreading the Word
Do you know Miron? Have you participated in one of his classes? Would you like to help him spread the word on his workshops?
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Why I promote other people
My name is Ingrid  Schippers, I am the founder of
For more than 25 years, I’ve lived and worked, in The Hague, The Netherlands; apart from the occasional in between stay abroad;  meanwhile building up an extensive network of national and international connections.

All people mentioned on this page are friends and colleagues, most of whom I know already for many years.
As an active member of the (international) community; I am fairly often asked if I can recommend ‘someone who…’
This gave me the idea  to set up  “Highly Recommended.

To me, promoting friends and colleagues is a new sort of economy;
replacing commercial advertising by caring & sharing.
Of all people I write about here, I know from experience, they love what they do, which in my world is the first prerogative in life.
The Trick is to EnjoY It.

Ingrid Schippers
The Hague 25-01-2016