In traffic today, I stood waiting at the intersection of Westduinweg and Kranenburger weg, which  is really is a most peculiar intersection with 3, actually 4  roads coming together.
Traffic on the Westduinweg has right of way, so anyone coming from one of the 3 other roads needs to wait.

Still… I saw a Grandfather, in one those cars that are higher than that are wide, who could not care less about all the traffic signs indicating he should wait. With a speed of about 5 kilometers per hour, he gently nudged his car forward; since that was where he needed to go.

A sturdy young man wearing a cap, driving a black Volkswagen Golf, really had to hit the breaks and gestured in a wide variety of body language that Grandfather was crossing more than one border.
Grandfather himself gently inch-wormed himself through traffic in blissful ignorance of the black car and its cap-wearing owner.

I had to smile, in fact the whole scene made me laugh, Grandfather stubborn ignorance; the young man’s heated gestures
I observed it all and thought: One day cap-wearing man, you’ll be the inch-wornming grandfather.

Does that mean I’m turning into a granny myself?

Ingrid Schippers

The Trick is to EnjoY It.

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