I’ve often stated health insurance companies could save themselves a lot of money if they would reimburse relaxation classes, body work and massage therapy. In our go, go, go society we give little credit to the ability to unwind. We might go jogging, or to the gym and even take a yogaclass or two a week, but to lie in the grass along the river chewing on a straw, seems an art long lost. This, while unwinding is nature’s beauty sleep and hibernating it’s way of letting go of the old and preparing for renewal..

My fair bet is that in our hunter and gatherer days, some 5000 plus years ago , when having money, following the latest trends and being brainwashed by social media and television weren’t on top of the list, people were much more in tune with themselves and their natural rhytms and consequently much more in touch with each other.

Modern day technology in that context seperates. It puts up glass walls between us with computerscreens and 140 King of Toolscharacter ‘conversations’  The few words expected to make a point to me feel like asking someone to describe a painting while wearing a blindfold.

Modern media filter real life in the strainer of journalism, sensorship and the make believe world of advertising. We are being brainwashed on a 24 hour basis without even noticing it anymore. Have you truly ever experienced driving a certain car or using the best detergent to improve your sense of self? Maybe ancient peoples were better off in spite of the lack of progress or a thriving economy; in fact they might have been better off because of lack of progress and Lord Economy.

In the old days people still had the ability to mirror themselves in nature. It has a reason why ancient yoga exercises are named after animals. In the days they were invented, as it happens also 5000 plus years ago,  humans still took time to observe and learn about the natural flow of energies. They sensed winter coming because the flights of birds going north or south, instead of the clock being turned back to wintertime. They alternated ‘work’ with periods of unwinding; just being, sitting, sleeping, like the animals they lived with.  These days doing something ‘like an animal’ only has a negative ring to it.

My apologies if I’m doing a bit of a rant here and yes ofcourse some things go well in today’s world. It’s just that we should look for the goodness of life behind our television screens, computer games and illusionary world of advertising and marketing a bit more. Take a break from the addictive rush of modern day living;

cramming our lives with compulsive activities so there’s no time left to address the real issues,

to quote Sogyal Rinpoche.

Go lie along a stream and chew on a straw once in while; curl up in a wintercoat, sit on the sand and watch the sea…..that sort of thing….


Ingrid Schippers, November 7 2017


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