It might well be an unusual subject to start a new season of spoken Dutchbuzz blogs with, but this first week I want to talk about silence.

XIV. TemperanceTake a moment to sample that word….Silence…
Play with it, say it out loud, think it, feel it.
What differences do you perceive between saying it out loud and thinking it.
What sort of feelings does the word ‘silence’ evoke from within you?

You see, at times people fail to perceive the true meaning of the word. That is because they blabber a lot leaving little to no space or time for actual silence.
They blabber to find reassurance on what they have been blabbering about before and about what they heard other people blabber, that way blocking their own thoughts from within to surface.

For that is another unusual thing; did you ever notice you can’t think while you talk?
Talking is basically thinking out loud. As long as we are talking we can only sort of think of what to say next, but we can’t think while we speak. It is always beforehand we do the thinking, which leads to an interesting deduction:

The more you talk, the less you are inclined to think, let alone meditate, i.e. allow the words to rise up from within.
There’s this general misconception that in order to meditate one needs to clear ones thoughts completely and stop thinking.
Truth is one only needs to stop talking silence the chatter of the brain, to then see what comes up from within, that source of silence, staying away from the blabber.

Would you agree that in the Western World we tend to , as they say ‘live in our heads’?
We have constant chatter in our heads. Boss-chatter, partner-chatter, financial chatter, commercial chatter, culturally conditioned chatter, parent-chatter, court-case-chatter, shopping-list-chatter, no wonder some of our children grow up to be chattering human beings.

This is where meditation should come in.
Clearing the mind from chatter, I’ll use the word one more time and then no more…..silence.

You’ll find when you meditate and reside in that place of silence,
the most profound thoughts will come to mind….mindful thoughts.

Try it once, sample the silence, sample the word.
Play with it, say it out loud.
Think it, Feel it, Live It

What differences do you perceive when you think the word silence and when you say it out loud?

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I wish you a silent week.

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