Hardly no one needs reminding what day it is today.  9/11 is branded in our memories as the day the world changed.  You would think, after the thousands of years and generations humanity spent evolving; we would have learned to live a little XV. The Anti-forcebit more at peace with each other ; but instead division and polarization still seem to be the ruling words of the day, with the mindset of politicians and media and their focus on economic gain encouraging the divide and rule policies that keep people apart.

Fortunately I’m an optimist. It is my personal belief the world eventually will change for the better. That people will learn to live peacefully together.  When I look around me I see a lot examples of that going on. People looking for new, more sustainable ways of living and ways to overcome adversity, seeking out a path of personal development with personal ways of looking at the world; seeking their own and natural healing methods; understanding the relationship between a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy spirit.

In order to evolve however it seems humanity needs to go through some harsh experiences first; individually, but also as a family, community, culture or even as the world as a whole.

I’ve found it roughly takes 3 keys to wake up to reality and open the door to a better world:

1. First something life-changing  has to happen. Mostly this is something you would never think of inviting into your life and at all times  would try and avoid.  It seems however to be an unavoidable first step on the path of awakening; he willingness to confront whatever it is that kicks you in the proverbial behind. There are very few people who wake up in the morning and spontaneously decide to step onto a seemingly challenging path. More often it kicks you out of comfort zone totally unexpected.

XVI. The TowerCard number XV, The Antiforce, the first card and Gatekeeper of the 3rd row of 7 cards defining the Archetypes of the spiritual layer of existence is the archetype embodying the life-changing challenges that will cross your path. It can also be seen as one’s shadow; the side of ourself we rather avoid. Which is why we need…

2. Step two; the need to step out of denial.   Some of us fiercely hang on to their old ways of thinking, ignoring the possible flaws it might contain; convinced this is the safest way to live our lives. Once you’ve been kicked out of the comfort zone however (step 1) there is little chance of turning back.  You will have to get used
to letting go of conditioned thinking and inflexible principles and learn to let go of attachments, the importance of what people think of you; and walk your own personal path; that is what you are here to do.XVII. The Star

Card number XVI, The Tower, or as I have dubbed in the Nan Yar  personal development cards, Detachment the second card of the 3rd row of 7 cards defining the Archetypes of the spiritual layer of existence, depicts how two people fall out of their carefully structured convictions, conditioning and belief systems. You fall, but you fall to earth, rather than into an abyss, which makes a difference.  Stepping out of denial means taking an honest look at what you really represent;who you really are,  doing the reality check. Perhaps the carefully constructed narrative on how successful and fulfilled you feel and how great the holidays really are needs some more honesty here and there.

The third step to spiritual awakening is about living by example; being the Star in your own universe. Seeing the first glimpse of what else is possible after having shed your old skin.  The secret of the Star is that there is only one way to change the world,( including your own) and that is to start with yourself, to be the change.

The Star is also the third card of the third row of 7 cards defining the Archetypes of the Spiritual path., card number XVII.  In the Nan Yar – Who Am I personal development cards I’ve named it  Starring by Example.

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Ingrid Schippers September 11, 2018


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