While the brain wonders and questions,
the heart knows.

This may come as a bit of a shock to some, but actually our brains are not that smart.
Our true intelligence resides in the heart.
Unfortunately many of us live in the head rather than the heart,thus sourcing their lifestyle and decision-making from calculated thinking.
What will it cost me; what do I get in exchange, meanwhile forgetting true value lies in how something feels.

This, while there are so many clues as to why living from the heart is so much healthier and even more so, so much easier.
Think about it for a moment, preferably from the heart.
Place an imaginary chair or yoga mat in the center of an imaginary heart and observe the brain.

It is the brain that is judgmental, not the heart.
It is the brain that wonders what other people will think, not the heart.
It is the brain that makes mistakes, while the heart only follows itself (and captures those moments where we confess how deep down inside we already knew)

Now pick up your imaginary chair or yoga mat and place it in the brain to observe the heart.
You already know why living from the heart is so much easier.

The heart has no boundaries.
It does not restrict itself to preconceived ideas, preoccupied fears or conditioned convictions.
It simply beats and is there for you all day long, as long as you live.
It warns you, makes you smile, supports you when you need it the most and when your heart is in love (for we do all know the heart to be the source of love) it gives you the gift of being able to love another person.

While the brain wonders and questions,
the heart knows.
The heart lives in the Now.
The heart cannot think ahead of itself or fear what will be next;
nor can it regret what happened in the past; that’s for the brain to decide.

And perhaps most importantly the heart is where our physical energies originate from;
And while the brain can feel lost, the heart keeps on beating and connects us to everything around us in this world;
While the brain divides and rules; the heart connects and supports.
While the brain can be extremely unkind to yourself, the heart never judges.
While the brain thinks in money, the heart donates in love.

We may mock ‘brainless people’ and refer to them as fools;
but I’d rather be a fool in my heart than a wizard in my brain.

To conclude: a heartwarming energy minute, presented by Donna Eden and her daughters Dondi Dahlin and Titanya Dahlin

I wish you a self-loving week

Ingrid Schippers

This blog is recorded as weekly end-note of Dutchbuzz.nl, the radio program for internationals, every Tuesday on The Hague FM from 10 to 11 pm and archived in the podcast of September 15