Dear Readers

Last week I participated in a workshop of energy medicine nederland of which the founder and spokeswoman,  Patricia Koster, was also present.

Patricia is dedicated to her causes. Driven, she invests her energies in goals she believes in. Last Friday she took the opportunity of using our EMN gathering to spotlight the street art project:,
which tells and shares the stories of 10 refugees: Idris, Helen, Arjuman, Istahl,Jihin, Lin.Alex,Ibraham, Halat.

The on line information describes it as follows:


Almost 60 million people are on the run, worldwide. That amounts to nearly 60 million individual stories. Stories nobody wants to hear. Worse still, stories of people nobody really wants to know about.We want to give these stories, these people, these refugees a human face. By telling their stories and opening eyes. Making connections and showing people a different way of looking at refugees. Encouraging empathy and strengthening social cohesion.

Which is why we are launching our guerrilla street art project Moving People. Be ready for thousands of miniature refugees appearing all over Amsterdam and The Hague. On park benches, at stations, at traffic lights, along the canals, in the zoo, in front of various ministries….they will pop up everywhere!

Moving People is a street art project in which everybody can show commitment to refugees and let their voice be heard in a creative way. If you do happen to find a one of the miniatures, you can take it with you and place it somewhere else. In this way you can contribute physically to the project by moving the miniatures around the city. Let other people be moved by their stories too!

Contribute in a personal way to this humanitarian crises, through:

We may not be able to go to Greece or Calais and personally help the refugees, but what we CAN DO…is go to a website and share the stories of  10 refugees and move as many people as you can reach by having them read these stories through the social media and learn what it means to have to flee. 



9 Maart 2016 Ingrid Schippers