It must have come to most of our attention that the world is in a pretty hectic state. Ice caps melting; storms ravaging the continents; floods threatening the homes of many while in other parts draughts are making water a dangerously scarce commodity. On other locations, volcanic eruptions are driving people out of their homesteads.

While I’m aware people in high places deny this is all happening because it could influence their stock markets; I would say the world is going through a bad bout of flu; spitting out its burning mucus; unable to quench its thirst in regions of draught; flooding its lungs in other lands with an overflow of water, meanwhile becoming so hot even the icecaps are melting.  The normal balance of body earth is out of order; much like a human body that goes through a flu.

I had to think of all this while lying in bed this week having a nasty flu and my feverish thoughts were worrying about the world outside my window.  I also observed how many people around me were having colds and flu’s that simply kept returning just when these people thought it must be over by now. Nasty new viruses attacking the immune system, no matter the life style or health food diet, putting them in a situation they seemed unable to overcome.

Of course most illness is caused by a virus or bacteria but for that to have an effect the immune system needs to be down first. So the big question is what brings down the immune system? It’s definitely not the bacteria or virus. If they would be strong enough to do that; all of us would be sick all the time. It  must be something we ourselves add to the recipe of illness; a gateway we subconsciously open; when we weaken ourselves physically by consuming substances that are bad for us; or mentally when we go through stress, setbacks or grief; or spiritually when we go through a profound period of transition, of change.5 of Challenges

And that is exactly what I see happening in the world around me, my own life included. Big and rapid change with an overflow in a small overly rich and powerful group of people and a lack of means to survive amongst the bigger part of the world’s population. I see shockwaves going through the established order and polarization putting people up against each other. I see people demonstrating from yellow vests to non violent silent protest to  courageous children fighting for the climate of their future as they did last week in The Hague

In that sense the similarities, between what is happening in the world and what is happening to its inhabitants is quite spectacular. Perhaps time to wonder and ask what we can do ourselves; how each of us individually can help and  turn these tides, even things out again in order to make ourselves and the world strong again; put the immune system back in its proper place.

The card that goes with this is the 5 of Challenges;
Challenges because they have all to do with the development of our I-consciousness; ‘Who Am I’ ; ‘Which part do I play in the Evolution of Humanity?
The number 5, because it is the number of being human; standing right in the middle of all that is going on, with the ability to go back, move forward or stay put. Which way would you go in view of what is happening to the world right now?

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Wishing you interesting Times of Change


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