“The Trick is to EnjoY It”

  XIX. The SunIn communicating with its inner world , The Storyteller is always heading the conversation, as it depends on how the cards are interpreted, what outcome and influence they will have.
Thus the Nil-card, travels The World in its very own way and takes on the identity of the other cards without prejudice, pride or judgment and builds its own existence while it is being lived.   XVI. The TowerIt is of importance to remember in this context, the cards are only  ‘good’ or ‘bad’  when they are interpreted as such.
A Storyteller with strong material attachments, probably won’t XVII. The Starwelcome a card such as The Tower, which symbolizes detachment from anything that could stand in the way of spiritual development.
On the other side of the spectrum, the Storyteller who is in fact in search of an inner path, may well  choose to use that exact same card as a steppin’ stone to the card that follows, The Star; therewith catching a first glimpse of enlightenment and share those findings with The World.



2 of InsightsAs such, every card represents two sides of every query, with everything that exists in between. Each card has a certain meaning, mirroring a certain facet of life, including a counter-characteristic held by that same facet, else it would not exist at all. Day can only be seen when one knows about night; warmth can only be felt when one knows about cold; truth and lies can only XV. The Anti-forcebe distinguished from each other because  of each other. It are in fact the anti forces that offer a chance to also see the good of things.  Living in a perfect world , in which everything is taken XIII. Deathcare of , offers no incentive for personal development. This is why it is important to respond in the moment, rather than postponing till later or having it solved by others, or even more so, to blame others and do nothing about it oneself! Memento Mori trump card number XIII says, a reminder of mortality and to start ones bucketlist NOW.




X. Wheel Of FortuneIn communicating with its inner world, The Storyteller takes responsibility over the way this communication takes place and the choices that are made as a result. This is represented by  card number X: Wheel of Fortune; translated in the Nan Yar  – Who Am I game as Freedom of Choice.

Life is what happens while you’re making’ plans , John Lennon is told to have said. What we notice, feel and act upon NOW, determines what will be next and has an effect on what happened in the past. The Storyteller as the conductor of the orchestra called Life, owns the freedom of choice to create the manner in which the music is made, while it is being made by the Archetypes, numbers and colors.  In this comparison, the conductor is the way The Storyteller thinks, while the subconscious is the orchestra.The musicians of the subconscious characterize their music a certain way, yet it is up to the conductor  how it is performed.

“If that is so, then how can it be…” I once called out in frustration to my mentor, psychiatrist and anthroposophist  Cees van der Kroef, “…how can it be that it seems the conductor lives outside of me and that it are forces I have no hold over and seem to determine my life. And how come that 9 out of every 10 times  I draw a card it is telling just that which I was thinking about? It’s as if the card knows more than I do!”

“Because” Cees answered, by now somewhat impatient as this question persistently featured my FAQ list and I never quite completely understood the answers I was given,  “….because YOU are the one asking the question and thinking about the subject.”

What I eventually learned to see, is that each and every Tarot card holds all elements of life, just like all elements of life one way or the other, are part of everything else in the world. Ultimately, everything, including being human, is made ‘of the same stuff stars are made of’.

VII. The ChariotI have learned to see how all cards already live in my subconscious rather than in some mystical setting outside of me and that it is my I-consciousness,  which is responsible for what eventually evolves from the composition of their different elements.

A small anecdote that set me thinking, illustrates this as follows:
One day I was shopping at a big warehouse with someone dear to me, when totally unexpected a man turned up out of nowhere . He had rather prominent features, a big mouth and big teeth and he was laughing out loud because of something that was happening nearby. The obvious pleasure he got out of it was infectious and made me laugh as well.  That man is the personification of  enjoyment , I thought and just as I was thinking that, the person I was with softly said to me:  “What an ugly man that is”! Two people, very familiar with each other, one moment, two interpretations. two different outcomes. That is exactly how it works with Tarot cards.  When you think about it, the most precious gift of the Tarot (and when you think even further, perhaps the most precious gift of life) is that we all, through freedom of choice, have a right to choose and interpret what is mirrored to us. XX. Judgement

It doesn’t mean we can prevent certain things from happening.  It is devastating when a loved one passes away or when an illness overrules all other aspects of life. Getting fired, divorce, bankruptcy, infidelity, disappointment, having to watch loved ones suffer, feelings of powerlessness are all elements that turn life into a unconditional challenge.

What stays however, under all circumstances life has to offer, is that the way The Storyteller interprets these happenings at the very moment they take place, determines the way they manifest.

It might well have been the years of imprisonment that shaped Nelson Mandela into the charismatic leader that he was; and see how he has changed the world.  Same goes for Ghandi, Fransiscus of Assisi and other big names within human history.  It are exactly the lives of these people that are taunted by a life story and ‘fate’ outsiders readily back away from, and yet it are exactly these role-models of human history, who have lived their life to the fullest.
Eventually is depends all upon oneself , on who one truly is, how one looks back on life.


Next week: Module 7: Who Am I in daily life. Queen of Tools