I drew a card today from the Nan Yar- Who Am I personal development deck: It was the 9 of Gifts

The Gifts carry the color green.

Green is the color of the heart chakra and the basic color of the natural world. As a symbol Gifts signify the meaning of life; the quest for our personal holy grail; the ability to live life to the fullest in the best possible way, with integrity and the understanding that everything we do leaves a mark in the testament of human history and that whatever we create to happen to others also happens to ourselves, as we are all one. That we create our world by being who we are, with our contributions being the legacy we leave.

9 as the number of self realization.

When you look at the esoteric meaning of numbers; you’ll find that:

  1. is the number of potential
  2. is the number of diversity; but also opposites; the two poles between which everything transpires to ultimately change into
  3. the number of creation.
  4. is the number of balance; but also of comfort zones, boredom. It’s fine to be in 4th gear but there’s loads more to discover.
  5. is the number of quintessence; the centre of what really matters; the situation where you still have a choice to either go back or move forward.
  6. is the number of communication;the way in which we relate to the outside world with our inner worlds, two times 3; creating the world we all live in by creating the way we choose to see it and therewith co-create it.
  7. is the number of completion, the seed of life,  a week has 7 days; the rainbow has 7 base colors, 7 is the number from which can work; the 7 basic needs, conditions if you will, from which we can do anything we like; the starting point from which we can start any journey we choose to make.10 of Gifts

That makes the 8, 9 and 10 ‘extra’s; the numbers of personal realization; the numbers where each of us adds our own unique
gifts,  talents and understanding to whatever it is we are doing in life.
‘Mozart, Rembrandt and Spinoza’, my numerology teacher taught me to call them; 8, 9 and 10; the creative life artists within us; the numbers that add to the quality of life; the numbers with which anyone can create miracles.

So when this is the card you draw any given day, pay extra attention to what happens to you that day; use being mindful to create your own miracle by doing something outside of the ordinary; step out of the comfort zone, and watch the miracle take place.

Ingrid Schippers

May 8 2018

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