Our western world belief system has a reputation of seeing the process of dying as a process of disrepair, rather than of transformation.

The associated healthcare generally aims at prolonging a patient’s life as long as possible or sedating the process, rather than supporting the natural transformation.

This, while the ingenious human body, with a mind of its own, has a plan ready to implement in any situation.
Throughout life, the in-born energy support systems that reside in the body, constantly adapt to the changing circumstances they find  themselves in.

Every phase in life, from infancy, through childhood, puberty, adolescense, middle and old age, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, comes and goes with different needs, feelings and solutions.
The body-plan or blueprint, uses several energy systems, who interact with each other, as much as with the organs and functions they serve.

Nobody knows the body better than the body itself.
By learning how to recognize, distinguish and direct the abilities every body has at its disposal to adapt and optimally respond to every kind of circumstance; people from all walks of life, ranging from healthcare professionals to anyone interested in or the end-of-life-healthcare, can extend the appropriate care or apply the necessary self-care.

In the series of blogs: “The Vital Energies of Dying” we interview knowledgable people from the field on the experiences attached to the process of dying.


Interview with Dr. Sara Allen PhD and her thoughts on  ‘Energy Medicine for the Dying” 

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Quotes from the Dr. Sara Allen;

The dying client’s energy system is as dynamic, spirited,vigorous and as full of energy and movements as the energy system of the vital client.

Energy work is as necessary to the dying as it is to the those seeking vitality.

There are patterns and progressions in the death process that can be recognized and followed and understood.


Dying is not a mystery. Some believe, including me, that death holds mystery.
But dying is not death – very important distinction – Dying is a segment of living. Because it is LIFE, there are still very powerful energy patterns and sequences and evolutions ruling the body’s subtle energies. Just as in every other rung of life, there are teachable techniques to respond to those ruling energy patterns and sequences and evolutions.




Interview with Ineke Koedam, co-founder of the Landelijk Expertisecentrum Sterven; (National Expertise centre for the dying) and author of the book:  In the light of death, experiences on the threshold between life and death.

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