I went traveling last week to England to do two fantastic trainings. The first was with Felicity Warner, author of the Soul Midwives Handbook, all to do with helping people in their end of life transition. The other was with Prune Harris. Those of you who are in my Facebook energy counseling group will know Prune from the many handy youtube video’s, demonstrating short and practical exercises to lift the energies.

It had been a while since I had been traveling and I have to say it was good to be back. Traveling, moving from A to B always brings me in a state of understanding more about myself. The actual movement of traveling seems to be a wonderful metaphor for being underway with life; new learnings, new teachings, new understanding. It always makes me think of what Rudolph Steiner calls the sense of movement, as part of  his theory that people have 12 rather than 5 senses.

According to Steiner:

The sense of movement  allows us to perceive what is happening in us when we have set some part of our body in motion.

Now of course we can see this as a purely physical aspect. When I put one foot in front of the other, I sense that I can walk. But just think what that does to the rest of who you are. Just think of the wonder of a child (and its caretakers I might add) when it takes its first steps; when it starts to recognize it does not need to be lifted or moved around all the time; that it can actually do things for itself; go places without needing to be carried. Visualize  this and see what it does for the child’s development.Queen of Tools

Only when we loose this ability of free movement are we confronted  with the limitations this brings along in more ways than we can imagine when we take our sense of movement for granted.

Traveling always makes me especially appreciative of this sense of movement. The feeling I have freedom of choice to go where I want; actually going somewhere; doing something. It brings up a sense of purpose really. Going somewhere different or new, changing scenery also appears to be a great way to jog my mind; get a different perspective on things.

The first part of my journey took me to the south of England in Dorset near the Jurassic coast. A lovely rural lifestyle with genuine people, locally grown food products, absence of traffic jams and finger-lifting horn-blowing car drivers, plus… very little bit Internet. I had to walk from the farmhouse I was staying to the main house to go and collect my e-mail and flex my social skills to try and communicate with people in different ways.  I also found myself doing country walks, climbing over fences to go the nearest village and get my shopping.  I was very much  ‘Away from the Madding crowd’ as Dorset-born Victorian author Thomas Hardy woud say, and it was all so wonderful…..

The card that goes with the sense of movement is…. The Queen of Tools.

  • “The Queen” because the sense of movement is the ultimate representation of Yin Energy,
  • ‘Tools” because traveling from A to B contains the element ‘earth’. In our minds we can go all directions; on earth we need an origin and a goal.
  • Click the queen of tools to learn more about the general meaning of the card.

Ingrid Schippers, December 3, 2018

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