It is not about what 2017 will bring,
It’s about where you want to go.


Nan Yar – Who Am I, takes you through your own
Challenges, Insights, Gifts and Tools,
with your personal Storyteller as your guide.

Draw your card here and see what you have to say for yourself 

Buy* a set of Nan Yar – Who Am I cards (with explanatory booklet)
and get a FREE individual reading either in The Hague or through Skype.

* For those interested but living outside of the EU  please connect with me first through the contact form

Wishing you all a loving and inspired 2017, with lots of good initiatives

Ingrid Schippers, Januari 2017.


0. The Storyteller


Click on the Storyteller to read more
about your personal guide
in the land of Challenges; Insights; Gifts and Tools,
and Archetypes