For a number of years now I do my grocery shopping at the Firat, in the Weimarstraat in The Hague. They have lovely vegetables; many of them organic at a fair price and an absolutely fantastic butcher’s shop that also sells  home made condiments.

What I also love about the shop,is the fact that they are a hard working family business who treat you like a welcome customer. They do so with a good sense of humor too.

One anecdote will always stay with me. It’s one of those stories that makes you believe in other worldly helpers. It was a couple of years ago. At the time I was driving a very old blue Japanese car that looked its age. I had just been to a very difficult meeting  to do with government regulations that were strangling me financially as a small business owner. Complicated story involving lots of red tape and insensitive rulings. It had left me grumpy, even somewhat desperate. What was I going to do to survive?

After the meeting I had driven myself off crying in my blue Japanese car. Halfway home I happened to pass by the Firat and spotted a free parking spot right in front of the entrance. On impulse I parked and did some shopping.  Since I didn’t bring any bags, one of the family member owners suggested he put my shopping in a carton box and carry it to my car for me.

‘Are you parked far away?’ he asked

‘Just over there’, I said, pointing at where three cars, among which mine, were parked in front of the shop.

‘This one?’ the friendly shop owner asked,  nodding his head to indicate a rather big, fancy looking family stationcar.

‘That one’ I answered, pointing at my ye olde faithful blue relic. 5 of Challenges

‘Ahhh…’, the shop owner cried out, ‘…you have a blue mercedes.’

That day, that man turned my day around. In a way, although he’ll never know it unless he reads this blog,  he turned my life around.   I drove the rest of the way home smiling realizing how blessed I was. I may be a far cry away from what I was used to in my well to do days; but in way, I started to realize this was better. I was learning survival isn’t all about having the money to do so; but about how we relate to each other; how helpful we are and how kind; how understanding.

It was a wise and profound lesson for me. I drove home; cooked my kids a lovely dinner and was thankful for the good the day had brought me; along the way deciding that government rules and regulations were lifeless and could hold no power over me and my mood, as long as I embraced the positive and was alive and kicking.

Ingrid Schippers, 29-01-2018

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