Since the beginnings of the evolutionary path of humanity, Kings and Queens have been symbols of paternal and maternal power, with the quality of their rulings determining how their peoples thrive.

In the Tarot-based Nan Yar – Who Am I personal development cards, the Kings and Queens are also used as Archetypes of supreme power; only this time it is about the supreme power within ourselves and how we apply those rulings within our own lives, determining  how we thrive on it.

The Tarot holds 4 kings and 4 queens, each typifying their own quality.
They are part of the Court Cards, who typify their own personality traits in 4 different human qualities,  in which they have their own rank with which they influence their own reality.

We all carry characteristics of the court cards within us, giving us a chance to improve the quality of life; acquiring deeper insights that supersede our basic skills.

In each quality, all 4 Kings represent the powers of Yang, the masculine qualities at play in personal development;
and all 4 Queens, represent the power of Yin, the feminine qualities of personal personal development.

King of ToolsThe 4 qualities at play are titled Tools, Gifts, Insights  and Challenges

The  King of Tools is titled Meditation.
While meditating we rise above ourselves and the common routines of daily life that divert us from what really matters.
King of Gifts

The King of Gifts is titled Connection. The more connected we are to ourselves and the world around us; the better we can implement our rulings.

King of Insights


The King of Insights is titled Presence and is all about the ability to live in the moment, the power of Now






The King of Challenges , depicted at the top of this article, might well be the hardest of them all.
Titled: Embracing the Self, this King represents the challenge to accept yourself for who you are and use your skills accordingly.

Queen of ToolsThe Queens in their feminine quality represent the groups of Tools, Gifts, Insights and Challenges as follows:

The Queen of Tools is titled Travels . Even if its just the travels of the mind, they are what makes the feminine powers blossom.

Queen of Gifts


The Queen of Gifts represents Unconditional Love; the ability to give and receive without a putting a price or verdict on it

Queen of Insights

The Queen of Insights is titled Who Am I, and invites the rightful owner of  a lifetime, to connect with who he or she  really is rather than to react to the outside influences




Queen of Challenges


The Queen of Challenges carries the saying Starring by Example and tells us to choose our true inner values over outside world pretense.



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With all good wishes for all Kings and Queens of their very own lives.

Ingrid Schippers, April 26 2016.



This blog is featured as spoken end note of the special Kingsday Dutchbuzz edition on Den Haag FM, from 10-11 pm and can be listened to on the Dutchbuzz podcast of April 26 2016