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III. The Empress: Yin

Explanation of this card

“The Empress is the ultimate mother, the Matriarch.”

The Storyteller, the nil card which wanders through all other cards, is neuter in the sense that it includes as many female as male elements. Every living being on earth is made up of these two aspects. Some primitive forms of life are even double gendered, and with a few types of animals we assign female aspects to one half of the body and male aspects to the other. In regards to humans, we generally accept that the left side of the body corresponds to the right side of the brain, which shelters the female energies. We need both to manifest ourselves; without the one, the other has no right to exist.

Every living being on earth holds feminine and masculine energies. None exists without the other, just as light can only be seen when darkness is known or warmth can only be felt when one has experienced cold. These opposite forces are called Yin and Yang. The Empress is the Ultimate Source of Power of Yin.

Tool: Space

Yin is the waning moon, the hibernation, the inhalation, the relaxation. To enhance Yin-energy: enjoy nature walks, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, read a book, watch a movie, take a break.

Characteristics of The Empress

Motherly, caring, intuitive or emotional, gathering, passive, opposing.

Individual properties of this card

Trump Cards: Temporal Body

The Trump Cards, or archetypes are numbered I through XXI, and are distributed over three layers of seven cards each.

1. the Temporal Body (cards I-VII)
2. the Evolving Soul (cards VIII-XIV)
3. the Eternal Spirit (cards XV-XXI)

The Storyteller is the unique Nil Card, who ‘ignorantly’, without preconceived notions, wanders through the experiences of the other 21 trump cards.

The first layer of the Trump Cards (cards I – VII) is the physical layer, or the ‘experience soul’. This layer mirrors the physical conditions on earth through which we gain life experience.

Number: 3

Every number has a unique energy, and therefore a unique meaning and role in the interpretation of the card, in combination with the color or the archetype.

The 3 is the number of creation, of the body, soul and mind, wherein all the elements of being human come together. The 3 represents creation, transformation, change.

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