Do you have a dog and take walks in the park?
Then I have a nice little energy test you can do.

As energy counselor it is of course my job to ponder on the phenomenon of energy and this morning as my dog I and were out walking, it suddenly dawned on me my dog seems to pre-feel which direction we are going to take, as if the energy of me deciding to go a certain way is reflected in the dogs perception.

It reminded me of the quantum theory that states the intention of a particle to behave a certain way, already determines its behavior.
In other words what you are about to decide. already happens on a subatomic level.
Its a difficult concept to wrap ones brain around but basically this is how all of our actions are created.

Well, the way we think determines the way we perceive things and the way we perceive things determines the way they exist to us.
To people who like the color red, red is a beautiful color;
To people who hate red, red is a terrible color;
same color, two perceptions, two different outcomes.
It depends on the views, how things are ‘seen’.

When I think I will fail a test, it is very likely that I will, for the energy while making the test is one of disbelief I will succeed;
If I go into town to buy new clothes while in a indecisive mood, it is quite predictable I’ll come back home without having bought anything, because I could not make up my mind on what to buy.

On days my energies are up, things go snappy and on the dot;
When my energies are low ‘nothing seems to work’.

So all in all the way life unfolds depends entirely on who you are and the state your energies are in.

I think that one of the reasons most people are not conscious of this, is because they don’t see energies and therefore don’t see intentions the ways animals do.
While we have the power of speech, animals have the power of sense.
I’m quite convinced animals can see (or sense if that comes across as more plausible) the energy of things. explaining why dogs predict when it’s time to go out and birds stop chirping shortly before an earthquake or solar eclipse.

My dog seems to sense when its time to go out.
Because she needs to badly pee? or sees at the clock its time to go?
I don’t think so. I think its because I’ve set the intention to go out; even before the dog sees me getting my coat and keys.

A way to test this is in park with natural sand-trails twisting and turning their way through trees and shrubs, where there’s lots of routes to choose from.
Although I often simply follow my nose I need to make decisions at times as well, when its about time to go back and I need to choose a trail leading back to the car, or we have strayed off the main road to such an extend that I need to retrace my steps.
My dog is always happily wagging its tail in a 20 feet radius, never drifting off too far. She seems to become more alert though when I set my intention to leave and start finding my way back.

The thing to remember is that we perceive through human eyes and most humans do not see what animals see, while at the same time most humans feel superior to animals when it comes to perception.
thinking we’re smarter, have more intellect.
Try predicting an earthquake though or a solar eclipse without the machinery we designed for that. Just because we cannot see that, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Try it. Set an intention without saying a word or indicating anything by gesture, and see what happens next. Setting the intention is what makes the world go round and manifests life the way you would want.

The Hague 01-04-2015
Ingrid Schippers